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Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune Leo's Fortune — удостоенный наград платформер, в котором вы ищете хитрого и загадочного вора, укравшего ваше золото. Приключения Лео дополняются созданными вручную великолепными уровнями.

"Leo's Fortune — одна из самых захватывающих игр-платформеров, которые я видел, с графикой консолей нового поколения", — CNET.

"Leo's Fortune

Escape From Rikon Running Game

Escape From Rikon Running Game Welcome to the Rikon Island. What would you do if you were stuck in an island's prison? Would you try to escape or wait for your death? It's your choice.

Escape from Rikon is a new fast paced running game. It's a great candidate for being one of the best in it’s genre with high quality artwork, music and sound.Are you look around for an endless running game?Here is the best!

The gameplay is really simple:
- Tap the left section of the screen for jumping and the right one for sliding.
- Try to avoid poisonous plants, ivys, traps and electric fences.
- Get your best

Temple Rescue

Temple Rescue Real Time Shooting Experience with Multiple weapons.

Save Yourself from those angry robots.
Amazing Graphics
Simple Controls.


Multiple Types of Weapons
Each for different task
Pick which best suits you
Very Beautiful graphics for you mobile device.

Cross the bridge and try to reach heli

Снайпер Army Sniper

Снайпер Army Sniper Преврати свой телефон на платформе Android в поле боя, отстреливая врагов из снайперской винтовки! Ты – снайпер спецназа, еще не воспетый прессой герой в жестокой войне с новой волной терроризма.

К динамичности стрелялок добавляется чувство глубокого удовлетворения от меткого снайперского выстрела, благодаря чему игра стала

Monster Warlord

Monster Warlord Лучшая игра по коллекционированию боевых монстров на мобильных устройствах!

Собирай сотни уникальных монстров и сражайся с друзьями и соперниками!

- Лови редких и таинственных монстров на протяжении приключения, наполненного сражениями монстров!
- Найди монстров всех 6-ти типов: огонь, вода, воздух, земля,

Trains Minecraft

Trains Minecraft Ever wanted loads of realistic looking trains and carriages to replace those dated Minecarts for your super train stations? Well you're gonna leak diesel in your pants when you see this badboy! This mod by Spitfire4466 will make you spit out your drink as you engulf yourself in incredible modness. this is a Minecraft mod that adds more than 70 trains, wagons, and other moving vehicles to the game. so what are you waiting for go ahead and download Trains Minecraft and enjoy your vehicle madness,heck you can even transport other players and even mobs! By default, petrol and oil sands…

Burger Star

Burger Star Are you ready to open the first burger restaurant in Space? Grab your apron and chef’s hat and let’s get going! Complete 20 levels on this epic adventure, as you earn burger stars to advance levels. Challenge customers to crazy eating and tossing contests and experience the Master Burger Challenge!

Attention super star chefs! Do you have what it takes to open your own restaurant? Test your burger chef skills as you flip burgers, slice potatoes, make delicious french fries, homemade ketchup and so much more! Don't forget to clean up after messy customers!

Call the

Action of Mayday: Last Defense

Action of Mayday: Last Defense Action of Mayday - Last Line of Defense is a first-person shooter (FPS) thriller featuring intense zombie shooting action and stunning 3D graphics.

Sometimes in the near feature, an unknown virus infects the Earth. People die every day. Zombies are everywhere on the streets. Your city is filled with walking deads. You, as a trained professional solider, are one of few survivors left in the city. Your mission is to use your weapons to kill as many zombies and save as many survivors as you can and bring them into the safe house. You are the last line of defense of the humanity. Are you ready


Forest Forest - приключенческая игра-хоррор, как Slender, только здесь злодеем
выступает призрак с длинными черными волосами.

В игре два уровня.
На первом игроку нужно найти ключ от лодки, масло и бензин для того, чтобы
На втором - найти и разместить 5 кристалов в тайном месте, чтобы изгнать


Cubes Craft 2 HD

Cubes Craft 2 HD *************** Thank you for 500.000+ download for Cubes Craft***************

Now amazing 4 world is here! Enjoy with hundreds of new item.

Create your dream world!
Tunnels, mines, sea and ground.
Everything is under contol.
Mobile optimized HD graphics.
New items, new builds.
Hayal dünyanızı inşa edin!
Tüneller, madenler, deniz ve toprak
Her şey kontrolünüz altında.
Mobil uyumlu HD grafikler.
Yeni itemler ve

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